Time Frame for Obtaining an Emirates ID After Printing

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An Emirates ID is a mandatory identity card for all residents and citizens of the UAE. It serves as essential proof of identity and residency status. A question often asked is, how long it takes to get Emirates ID and how long to get emirates id after fingerprints? Roughly speaking, after the printing process is complete, it usually takes 2-5 business days for an Emirates ID to be available for collection. This article explores the time frame for obtaining an Emirates ID, including the processing period after fingerprints, how long it would take to get your Emirates ID, and the factors that can affect this time frame.

Importance of the Emirates ID

The Emirates ID is a key document in the UAE, serving a dual role as both an identification and a residency card. It is used for numerous day-to-day transactions. To give an example, waiting for residency issue emirates id wouldn’t be considered completed by the authorities without your Emirates ID issue. Due to this, services such as opening a bank account or getting connected to utilities become a breeze. The government’s recent digital advancements have also allowed its use for online transactions, making it a critical document for all in the UAE.

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Process of Applying for an Emirates ID

Applying for an Emirates ID involves several steps, starting with gathering your required documents.

Required Documents and Procedures

Most applicants would need the following documents when considering how many days it takes for Emirates ID:

  • Passport copy with visa page
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate for married expats
  • One passport size photograph

The Online Application Process

The online application process follows once you have your documents ready.

Steps in the Online Application

Following the mentioned steps would fast-track your application:

  1. Go to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Pay the necessary fees
  4. Complete your biometrics at an approved service center
1Go to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) website
2Fill out the application form
3Pay the necessary fees
4Complete your biometrics at an approved service center

After the fingerprints are completed, your Emirates ID is sent for printing.

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The Waiting Game: Time Frame for Emirates ID Delivery After Printing

After the steps mentioned earlier are completed, how long to get Emirates ID? The general waiting period for you to get the Emirates ID once it’s been printed and you’ve completed the procedures is around 2-5 business days. But, what if the Emirates ID card is printed, but you have not received it yet?

Typical Duration

The time varies as it depends on various factors, including the emirate in which you applied and the current workload of the FAIC. However, a certain sentiment can be felt when the Emirates ID card is printed, which means the wait is coming to an end and the responsibility of regularly checking your phone for the notification message arises.

Factors That May Affect Delivery Time

There can be numerous factors that may affect the duration of the Emirates ID delivery. For instance, the volume of applications at a given time can have an impact. If a large number of people have applied for the ID around the same time, it may increase the delivery timeline. Public holidays or weekends also add into this equation, as these days are not considered working days. Sometimes, technical issues can also play a role in a delayed delivery.

Picking Up Your Emirates ID

Once you receive the notification stating that your Emirates ID card has been printed and is ready to be picked up, you can collect it from the post office mentioned in the message.

Locations for Collection

Emirates ID cards are usually collected from designated Emirates post offices. It’s crucial to note that the post office for collection is usually the one closest to your given address during application. However, you may have chosen a different location during your application process. The exact location for collection will be mentioned in the text message notification you receive.

Necessary Identification for Collection

Upon collection of your Emirates ID, you need to bring along your original passport for identification. Also, you are required to present the SMS with the application number and the post office’s name. In case you are unable to pick up the ID yourself, you can send someone else to pick it up on your behalf, given they have an authorization letter along with a copy of your ID.

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Dealing with Delays in Delivery

Being in a situation where your Emirates ID card’s status is shown as printed but not received can cause anxiety. Here’s what you can do in such situations:

Common Reasons for Delays

  1. Public holidays or weekends at the time of delivery can often cause delays.
  2. If the post office has a high volume of IDs to deliver or is understaffed, it could take a bit longer.
  3. Sometimes, mismanagement can also lead to delays.

Steps to Take in Case of Delay

  1. Check the status of your ID through the official online portal.
  2. Contact the Emirates ID authority if there’s extensive delay.
  3. Visit the designated post office to ask about the delay.


In conclusion, the whole process of getting an Emirates ID is systematic and smooth. It generally takes 2-5 business days after printing for an Emirates ID to be available for collection. However, factors such as the volume of applications, public holidays, and technical issues can sometimes delay this process. It’s always good to keep a check on the status of your ID through the official portal and contact the authorities in case of any extensive delay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does it take to get an Emirates ID after the printing process?

It usually takes about 2 to 5 business days to get your Emirates ID after the printing process.

2. What factors can delay the Emirates ID delivery?

Volume of applications, public holidays, weekends, and technical issues can delay the delivery of an Emirates ID.

3. Where can I pick up my Emirates ID from?

Your Emirates ID should be picked up from the Emirates Post office mentioned in your notification message.

4. What should I do if my Emirates ID is delayed?

You can check the status of your application online, contact the authorities, or visit your designated post office.

5. What do I need to bring when collecting my ID?

You need your original passport and the text message with the application number and post office’s name for ID collection. If someone is collecting on your behalf, they need an authorization letter and a copy of your ID.